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In 2017 this year, Malaysia's well-known mobile phone brand MBI (overseas Chinese brand is also the support of it?) Introduced a mobile phone i7 with eye protection, mobile phone screen can effectively reduce the harmful light 86%. Now more and more frequent use of mobile phones, eye has become particularly important. First, do not worry, we first look at the value of its color and performance.

The world's only sapphire 2.5D steel screen
MBI is Malaysia's senior mobile phone brand, i7 screen with sapphire technology with Apple's 2.5D raised design to make the screen looks like the screen is suspended in the screen above the feeling, there is a cool sense of technology, with now Mobile phone screen are stuck in the fuselage inside the feeling is very different. And i7 of the screen with high hardness or tempered glass, hardness and quartz, to Mohs hardness 7H, do not have to worry about the screen was scratched or broken, Xiaobian tried, the small scraping scraping scratch basically scratch.

Eye protection screen
Open the phone screen, the feeling of rendering the screen is very delicate, slightly higher color saturation, looks very bright, mainly very soft that is not glaring.
MBI i7 in order to protect the human eye, the use of anti-blue eye technology to ensure that the screen does not cast color under the premise of starting from the light source, the effective reduction of 86% of harmful light. Coupled with the automatic adjustment of the screen, the protection of the human eye needs to be re-used for a long time to verify.



Overall appearance and weight
MBI i7 phone a total of black, white, gold three colors. Body length 143.5mm, width 71.5mm, thickness 8.5mm. Than the mobile phone market is now much lighter, with a lot of ease in the body.


MBI i7 rear shell design using the arc, the plastic shell after the ultimate use of leather texture, hand touch will not leave traces, feel or very comfortable. With Prada's leather texture is very close to take in hand is also very decent.



Specifically how we look at the next MBI i7 specific configuration.